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Current Events

Sun. Oct 3rd 3 pm - 5 pm

Mukti + Ananda Rasa  

Feat. Prajna Vieira & David Estes​

Outdoor, socially-distanced, kirtan by donation


Subud Hall Backyard Stage

234 Hutchins Ave., Sebastopol, CA

Doors open at 6:30 pm


Peacewave and Bhakti Arts Collective present an evening of kirtan under the stars, on the beautiful new outdoor stage at Subud Hall (back garden) in Sebastopol, CA.


Prajna Vieira and David Estes will be combining their respective groups (the Mukti Kirtan Ensemble and Ananda Rasa Kirtan) into one band for the evening, offering both traditional and original kirtans. Kirtan is the call/response chanting music within Bhakti Yoga, an indigenous wisdom tradition that is part of Sanatana Dharma, or Hinduism. In kirtan, we come together to chant sacred mantras, the names of deities, or poetic lyrics (bhajans) which evoke a devotional mood of longing and love. The music can range widely in tempo, feeling and expression, often building from something simple and understated to a full-on riot of rhythm and melody that gives way to the still silence of meditation as the last note fades. More than a musical performance, kirtan should be understood as a living prayer—a love song to god and goddess.


Prajna Vieira - Vocals, Harmonium, Melodica

David Estes - Vocals, Guitar, Dholak

Don Fontowitz - Chaturangi + Guitar
Ramana Erickson - Tablas

Julie Simonsen -Vocals
Lisa Chorny - Vocals
Damiana Carpizo - Vocals


Thanks to the nonprofit Bhakti Arts Collective  this special event is being offered to our community on a donation basis. The purpose of the donation model is to intentionally disrupt the relationship between capitalism and indigenous wisdom traditions like kirtan and bhakti yoga, and also to break down class barriers by making events accessible to people of all economic backgrounds. We also want to help grow our communities' consciousness around supporting live music and other events by encouraging those who have more to give more. This model feels both ethical and practical, and we believe in it! 


Ticket Options:

- Online:

- Door: donate with cash or by mobile

- Buy Local: Milk & Honey, 123 Main St., Sebastopol (707) 824-1155


Event Details:

- Doors open at 6:30pm

- COVID SAFETY: this is an outdoor event with plenty of room for people to spread out comfortably. Please respect the health of others by maintaining physical distance, wearing a mask when you are in crowded areas, and remembering that different people might need more space than you to feel comfortable. 
- There will be a projector with a screen set up on the side of the stage, to project the lyrics and images of the deities. 


Bhakti Arts Collective is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your tax-deductable donations help BAC produce high-quality, traditional bhakti arts programs that are accessible to the community and supportive of artists and teachers. Bhakti Arts Collective is committed to supporting devotional arts of India with a focus on honoring source tradition, inclusivity and cultural exchange.

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Past Events

Prasada Festival + Bhakti Arts Collective Present:

Shelter in Peace:

a Facebook Live Series

Shelter in Peace is a series of FB Live events featuring traditional Bhakti arts and artists. Brought to you by Prasada Festival and the nonprofit Bhakti Arts Collective, each session has included two 45 min. sets (or one 90 min set) featuring some of our favorite artists, who have each been chosen because of the depth of their Sadhana, and the refinement of their art. Artists are paid an honorarium, and you can enjoy videos of these special at-home performances here.

Previous artists include:

Parvathy Baul

The Mayapuris

Sheela Bringi

Prajna Vieira

David Estes

Acyuta Gopi

Nachiketa Yakkundi

Acharya Mangalananda

Sudhanshu Sharma

Sanjeev Jena

Gaura Vani

Jai Uttal


Nina Rao

Arjun Verma

Bhakti Arts Collective Presents:

Prasada Festival

2018 & 2019

PRASADA FESTIVAL is a 2-day celebration of kirtan, classical Indian dance, and sacred ceremony at the Occidental Center for the Arts in the beautiful small town of Occidental, CA (about 90 min. north of San Francisco).


OUR VISION is to bring our communities together for an experience of traditional bhakti arts and culture, loving service, and devotion to the One who is known by many names.

OUR ETHOS holds diversity, inclusiveness, and accountability to the source traditions and cultures that we are coming together to celebrate as paramount. We are committed to social justice, equity and compassionate activism, and we support each other in upholding spiritual principles through our work together.

Prasada Festival is a production of Bhakti Arts Collective: committed to supporting devotional arts of India with a focus on honoring source tradition, inclusivity and cultural exchange. 

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